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Why move abroad with MF Interlogistics?

Moving abroad has several factors that easily can amount to high levels of stress.  Getting Visa’s approved, finding houses, getting tax support, finding schools and much more!
Arranging the physical part of the move can then often be a burden one could do without.
At MF Interlogistics we are specialized in assisting our clients with the complete door to door process of the physical removal of your household goods.
With 20+ years of experience and a global network that has adapted the highest industry standards we serve clients like Novo Nordisk, Maersk, Vestas etc.

All moves start with a personal consultation to ascertain your needs, volumes and explain the detailed process to prepare our clients to the fullest.
Together with our client we find the best solution ensuring costs are reasonable and quality is of the highest standard.

Your removal with MF Interlogistics will be a walk in the park, and our clients can focus on all other things they need to see to.
Seamless solutions at affordable pricing in a high-cost market!


How can MF Interlogistics assist my move abroad?

Every move, although it is getting stuff from a to b, is different.  We all react differently to the impact that moving abroad has to us, and with our professional staff we guide you accordingly.
Find out with our experienced consultants of what is required for your international move.

Together we will find the solutions that are specific for your move abroad, fit to meet your needs and ensure you from a pleasurable experience.

What about cover for international moves?

Your removal is covered through our insurance partner, where we can offer several packages from basic till supreme cover.
Even though our efforts are always made to cause no damages, sometimes it unfortunately can happen.
Having a good insurance package in place ensures you as client a quick and hassle-free settlement.

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What’s included?

  • Pre-move consultation
  • In-home survey
  • Packing services
  • Transport via air, sea or road
  • Custom clearance
  • Delivery and unpacking

What are your shipping options?

In the global removals industry, there are different solutions depending on budget, timing and locations.
Air, Road, Intermodal or SEA are the most common, but even there you can find alternatives that either reduce costs or provide you a direct quick solution.
During the consultation we will guide you through what options there are and will open and honestly advise you to always take the costs of shipping vs. the cost of replacement into consideration, as there is no use paying a lot for shipping when the same items can be purchased new at destination for a lower amount.

After the move

Our services don’t stop when your belongings reach the destination. We will ensure that all agreed has been performed and will timely follow up if there is anything else we can do for.
Your feedback is valuable to us, and for instance on trustpilot you can find out what others are saying about is.

So don’t hesitate to contact us for a free of charge consult with our experience staff.