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When you move abroad you may have an urgent need for the first essentials for example, children’s toys, clothes or maybe essential office equipment. Moving by Air can be a great solution allowing, you and your family, to have the basics quickly at your new destination whilst waiting on the rest of the household.

MF Interlogistics can offer you custom made Airfreight solutions to any destination worldwide ensuring you and your family,  will have a comfortable start in your new surroundings.

Please contact us to find out what we can offer for your specific needs.


MF Interlogistics has intelligent solutions for any type of move or relocation needs you might have.
Moving by SEA is the most common option when moving overseas, and depending on your budget and specific requirements, we can offer you a custom solution.  Whether transit time is important or if price determines your choice, we will assist you with our years of experience, arriving with the best solution to transport your personal belongings abroad.
Please contact us to find out what intelligent solutions we can offer you.


When moving within Europe, weather your complete household or just a part of it, transport by road is the most desirable and effective option.
At MF Interlogistics we can offer you any solution based on your specific requirements and budget.
Together with one of our consultants we will go through your needs and determine what is the best and suitable option.
Either direct transport, transport in combination or even a courier service. There is always a smart solution.

Please contact us to know more about the possibilities and get your free quote.