About us

MF Interlogistics is the International Moving and Relocation division of Mesterflyt A/S founded in 2019 and operates independently but closely together with its sister company.
Where we might appear to be a “young” company, our experience reaches over 20 years in the industry, and our qualified staff complies to the highest standards available in our industry.

At MF Interlogistics we have the experience and resources to provide reliable and safe moving and relocation services ranging from a single move to comprehensive relocation management packages.

With our own terminals in Copenhagen, Odense, and Aarhus we provide international companies, their transferees, private individuals and families with full, or partial services throughout Denmark.
Our memberships and affiliations with IAM ( international association of movers), Harmony Relocation, IMA, Fedemac and DMF provides us with a reputable global network

With well-organized procedures and IT systems as well as a dedicated service organization we offer our customers a dependable, high-quality performance in full compliance with the often-complicated regulations and cultures of countries around the world.

Our online business solutions allow us to manage, monitor, update and provide real-time reporting to you and your assignees.

No matter where you are staying or where you’re moving, the team here at MF Interlogistics will ensure you and your family have a safe and less stressful relocation.


Meet our MF Interlogistics team

Victor Helgogaard


René Hauge


Finn Nørager

Sales- & project manager

Matthieu Odijk

Director Business Development

Malene Foyers

Quality Manager

Thomas Eriksen

Int. Manager Client Services

Joachim Dharmapalan

Int. Client Services


Per Jabina


Lasse Gutfelt


Jonas Julin


Thomas Frøik


Abdel Zarakit

Moving employee

Jan Malmros

Moving employee

Niklas Aamand

Moving employee

Thomas Elmvang

Moving employee

Lukas Kruse

Moving employee

Jacob Holmegaard

Moving employee

Constantin Hrituleac

Moving employee

Kevin Larsen

Moving employee

Lars Mikkelsen

Moving employee

Morten Boye

Moving employee

Oskar Abildtrup

Moving employee

Patrick Sørensen

Moving employee

Peter Nielsen

Moving employee

Patrick Nielsen

Moving employee

Thomas Andersen

Moving employee

Oliver R. Andersen

Moving employee

Mads Rask

Moving employee

Simon Visbjerg

Moving employee

Jannick Rygaard

Moving employee

Marlene Hougaard

Board member

Keld Harbo

Chairman of the Board

Mesterflyt logo blå

Jørgen Madsen

Warehouse manager


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